Monday, 3 September 2012

Half way through...

We are exactly half way into the devising process.

Glass half full or half empty? It varies sometimes a morning “run through” of the material gathered so far leaves me with hope and excitement, followed by sensation of being lost and confused after an afternoon session.

Half way - It could mean that there is still plenty of time to discover, on the other hand there is already a feeling that we will end up with too much material anyway… 

Personally I find myself getting anxious about my own material, the quantity and quality of it.  I have an appetite and desire to find something truly meaty. Or something ultra gentle. Either way, something that will make me feel “rooted” in the piece. Having said that, I’m aware that there are 11 of us, a small army and every one tries to squeeze their ideas in to the mix…

And maybe “rooted” is a term not appropriate for this show? Maybe we all are just passing by, crossing the stage, dropping an image, suggesting or hinting at something, only to vanish, leaving the audience with some work to do.

There is a lot of running about in pants and bras, at times it looks funny, sexy, sad…real, human, casual, moving. I find it interesting how at ease I feel exposing my far from perfect body. That wasn’t always the case. I detach myself from the image I create or I am part of.

We flirt with the idea of creating a durational piece of work. How about 3 hours? 

It brings back questions about the patience of the audience, what’s the life span of one image? How to know if it still resonates or it’s time make a shift. 


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