Monday, 3 September 2012

3 hours? 90 minutes? 1 hour?

It has been an interesting yet constantly questioning process so far. We have a lot of potentially strong material.

How to put it all together? What goes with what? Is all of  it good enough and communicative? Will it be so for the audience?

Everyone of us has hopes. Often very hard to put them into words.
Or maybe there is no hope so why try and look for it? Well, is there?
What do I hope for? For myself, for my life, for you and for YOU?
What do YOU hope for? Not you, YOU!

One question is about duration and trying to put out a 3 hour long piece.
Other questions might be: would it be too much?
One more question: would it be enough?
3 hours? 90 minutes? 1 hour?
Should we just come out and say: you can’t always get what you want?

Poetic, striking, visually pleasurable.
Disturbing, sexy, not sexy.
Intimate, effortless.
Dirty, bloody, dark on white with a hint of red.


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