Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Week 1 - Scott

 felt f was endeavoring to integrate as much as possible from what i could remember from the RandD period, whilst at the same time, looking for any new clues about how to proceed with the making process.
 developing strategies for making, and also, reading what i can understand to be the directors intention as much as is possible.

 i wondered if there was less feminist theory circulating in the rhetoric and dialogue, but perhaps its just waiting for an opportune moment to appear.
 folk dance and music forms were assumed as starting places it seemed.
 i spent the first few days of the week in a slight physical malady, having to coax my body back into dancing behaviors as i had been mostly playing stringed instruments for the past couple of years..
 it was good to be offered yoga classes in the mornings as a window to re-examine my body/mechanical functions.

 im trying to learn to love Alex's metal guitar, and feel that the guitar and i are getting along fairly well..
 also, trying to determine what instruments have the right look (visual aesthetic) for the production. ( a process which continues to bemuse me as a primary value).
 I am liking being with the cast a lot, and look forward to starting the third week, after being at a teaching conference in Germany during the second week.

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