Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Week 1 - Greig

Here we go, arrive, meet, remember, stay calm, drink coffee, drink coffee, warm up, group travel forwards in a sporadic spasmodic form, break, folk dancing.

What happens next? Which direction shall we take, improvisation. A box, ahhh a box, don't open the box, a memory, a grandfather, a father, me. 3 images to represent 3 generations. A hat, a poppy, a wish for a bike, a story, a suit, a toothbrush and time. How different are the stories that shape our times? What is the link that binds us, binds time. I am my forefathers, I carry the ancestral heritage and I am me. What happens when the line stops? Family, blood, water, soil, brushes, boxes, so many boxes, how many shall we use, do we need more? Do they have any personal meaning. Stay away from narrative, stay in the abstract. How do we capture this without text and what are we saying or what do we want to say. We all want to be noticed, we all want to be invisible, we all want to be loved. Layers on layers on layers, texture, flip, rotate, human contact. None of it is possible without human contact.
Don't leave me alone, come back, I'm fickle, I've been waiting, I'm calm, I'm tired. Circular box improv. Duets with Leah and emily, 5 lifts.

Note to self, write a little mini blog everyday, it helps the consolidate the day.

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