Monday, 13 August 2012

Week 1 - Patrycja

Deliberate lack of narratives
sparse use or language,
sex/ creation/ death
generations/ emotional heritage,
lullaby/ prerecorded baby's cry
folk, rituals
random game of ping pong

I'm slowly getting a sense what sort of fabric this show might me made of...
Weird black and white patchwork.
How can we make it modern, relevant, young...the wooden boxes smell of war and dust...

universal vs personal

I enjoy being physical again. Sweat. I kind of feel fit (ish) and ready...
I decided to be a ''YES" person, and have a go with whatever is thrown at me.

Trying to catch up with other peoples ideas, material from last year r&d, which I wasn't part of, but
so far I don't feel left out, I have feeling of blending comfortably into the human mix. So Far.

I enjoy singing. a lot. It seems milder, gentler, less direct version of confronting the audience, than talking at them. (Patrycja)

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