Monday, 13 August 2012

Week 1 - Alex

b to the l to the o and to the gee...

b stands for being here
l for letting go
o stands alone
and g is being grounded

After an initial meet again and greet again with family and old acomplices, we got down to business (and/or love whichever way you wanna' put it)

I'll spare you the weekly work and play details, as I am sure someone else will be more diligent in that respect, but there was an issue which still lingers in my mind....the question of specificity.

I believe that the more specific and intimate detail one can muster the courage to show, the more universal the theme and the entirety of the work is. I don't want to spare the audience the details, because they might not relate and it somehow feels self-absorbed, I want to take them on an intimate journey, to count out loud with them, the freckles on Rob's face, to involve them in Scott's old american football injuries, to share my grandfather's speech as he differentiates between hitting someone with an open hand and hitting them with a closed fist.

What I don't want to do is universalize all themes brought up during the creation of the work, as to serve them on a platter to the audience, be the content on platter easy or hard to digest...

Well. that's my two cents worth of b-log.
see y'all next week.

p.s. Very positively impressed with our younger company members Leah and Emily. Good to have you on board. 


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