Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Thought on Week 1 - Leah

Some moments, connections with different people, a few things from week 1:
      -    a very warm welcoming to start the day.
-       Dong stretches I didn’t even know I could do.
-       The boxes
-       Thinking about my Mum and Grandma and how being a woman has changed in their lifetimes.
-       What it’s like for me to be a girl/Woman?
-       Dancing with Greg
-       Playing my violin, improvising was fun. I enjoyed being ‘one of the Musicians’ with Alex, Patricia and Scott.
-       Learning to land ‘One, two’ with your feet when you land.
-       Standing on a chair with a banner protesting for Women’s rights
-       Doing lifts with Emily and ’The men’ (Greg and Rob)
-       Running on boxes, like stepping stones- this was quite nerve racking because the boxes kept falling over.
-       Curtsying a lot
-       Sewing seeds

                                                  ‘I’m here!’

I have done a lot more dancing or physical work in the last few days than I ever do. Seeing everyone dance, especially Emily, who is around the same age as me, made me really want to get better at moving, and I’d like to get to understand my body more and how I can dance with it.  I would love to be more flexible too, (which at the moment I really am not).

Everything is very new to me as I have never done something like this before. I am very excited about being involved in this project and I really cant wait to get for the times to come. 

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