Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesday Week 2

Bennita (age 79) joins us today with all the womanliness and gravitas that her age and presence brings to the space. Leah continues to astound us all with her instinct and maturity and calm choices made in an often chaotic space. Difficult to imagine she is only 12 years old. We strip things back. We find a format and a potential arc for the work - I am sure it might change. I am equally sure it might stick. We make some stereotypical stuff around cooking and drinking and it goes nowhere fast. But after lunch, informed by frustrations and lack of freedom and the desire to improvise, create a thing of beauty and humour. Andrea crashing to the floor over and over. Aurora splashing the back wall with red wine - or is it blood? Patrycja wanting to be kissed. Greig playing dominos and trying to dance alone. Rob reprimanding Leah but dancing with her oh so gently and dancing alone - spiky, contorted, beautiful to watch. Alex - musical, rhythmical always, hissing like some new york gangland b-boy. Janusz as Nicole Sherzinger in heels and then not, broken and slithering across the space -  mournful and captivating. And Scott not here - away honouring a commitment made to Gill Clarke before her death in Germany. And the day intercepted by thoughts of Nigel Charnock, and thoughts of families and girlfriends and boyfriends and husbands left at home and impending illness and past miscarriages and future children and one night stands and toddlers left in nurseries and floods in far away houses and all this mess and the stench of onions and cheap red wine and always cleaning the space, cleaning the space,clearing it all away to mess it all up again and again. The stains remain.

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