Monday, 22 October 2012

PK reflects on the first few shows

After such an intense devising period it's time to reset the body clock to ‘performing mode’. So far we have done 3 shows over 3 weeks. Roughly 1 show a week. I wish there was more shows, so I could get into a grove of performing, to the comfortable swing of it rather than feeling like it's a premiere every time.  It's exciting though. I’m fond of small venues, when you can look into an audience member’s eyes. I especially like to look into men‘s eyes, trying to figure out what they make of Motherland issues. 

We’ve had one fainter. I wonder if it was all the blood on stage…but there is gossip he was simply drunk! Lots of warm smiles, understanding looks, couple of people nodding off, giggling teenagers…I’d say nothing unusual….

Looking forward to confront the work with Brighton and London audience….Looking forward (and slightly anxious) to sharing it with my friends. Looking forward to sharing the stage space with amazing performers. Looking forward to sharing mischievous smiles with Aurora and Andrea before rocking out the “Pussy Riot” song. It has only just started…soon it’s gonna be over…

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