Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Scott's reflections on week 3

I wondered if language as medium was being assumed more, as there had been some questions about if language would be more or less appropriate previously. That said, we seem to be just trying some things for general perusal.

There seems to be some questions regarding music. Tchaikovsky and Blur were curious components this week. Also, I seem to be hearing the composer’s recordings at least as much as hearing the composer play live in the studio. I might guess that it’s a matter of looking for the right dynamics of sound rather than using Blur music in the production. Or Tchaikovsky for that matter. Dunno.

There was a cobbling together of some 100 or so images (some of them repetitions) as a sequence and duration for the directors consideration. It seemed interesting enough for the director to ask for us to do it twice with minor revisions.

Seemed like there is some question about what the appropriate warm up at the beginning of the day is. I always find these kinds of questions difficult, as I never assume consensus is possible. Or even desirable.
There seems to be some questions about authorship that keeps reoccurring in this company. (who owns materials and such) Tricky stuff. In my experience, if the spirit of generosity suffers, things turn to shit pretty fast, and can be reflected in the product. but perhaps, different people have different aesthetics even about this sort of thing, like some people like more calm things, and some people like more stressed things as a matter of taste.

I'm watching a familiar process in myself that is about the relationship of "dance" to some idea of content. I find dance movement abstract often, and as such it works best for me when it remains an abstraction. So how to make dancing have meaning other than just being dancing is a mysterious process often for me. I do like dancing though... I just prefer to leave it as pure dancing mostly..

The general repetition of daily events seems to be settling into a pattern for me OK. Leave the house in Southampton at 9:15, warm up at 10, start rehearsal day, lunch, afternoon, end rehearsal, shop for dinner, go to Southampton, eat, be social, go to sleep, then repeat.. It’s kind of like having a job..

I have been enjoying that there is humour in the studio as a rule, and enjoying every ones company very much.

 So far, pretty much fine and dandy...
 Early days..

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