Sunday, 9 September 2012

Rob - week 5

Dear Diary,

HUGE FUCKING LISTS OF THINGS TO DO! I walk on, I look forward, smile and flirt with the audience. I run on, move in ways that are designed reflect some deeper sense of dilemma. I sing, I dance, I provide context. I offer my gaze as a witness, my voice as a provocateur, my energy to lift this work, to offer an attempt at transcending the dirt I’m standing in, the sweat on my skin, the pain in my body and the doubts in my mind. I write and re-write to re-write again. I rehearse and rework and invent new things. I don’t sleep. I do. I drink more than I’d like. I laugh and cry (mostly with laughter) and I feel involved.

Where are the role models? Where are the images of what we wish we could be? Where are the examples of how to do this – to balance and find equanimity and through this a frame of equality for us all to share? Are we pioneers breaking new ground forging our own futures – is that why we can’t see the wood for the trees, why it all seems so chaotic? Do we lack the imagination and belief that something better may be possible? 

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