Monday, 24 September 2012

PK - week 7

Every other day we are given a new order of scenes.
It’s almost 100 of them and it takes almost 2,5 hours to stumble through it all.
I realized that for the first time I take part in the show…where I don’t “feel” much. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s largely because of the specific nature of the show - we don’t accumulate, we deliberately stop before a scene get’s too rounded, before it’s reaches its climax, there’s rarely more than 1-3 people on stage at one time, so, big ‘communal’ swells of energy don’t happen often, not to mention obvious lack of “ characters” or avoiding big “narratives”. Lots of the time I find myself off stage…waiting for my turn to do my actions, or to provide music…or indeed franticly changing costumes, or running back stage like a headless chicken from stage left to right. Right now I find it difficult to find the pace, some sort of flow, or continuity, or even logic, or importance /impact of “my scenes”. IT’S ON AND IT’S OF IT’S IN AND IT’S OUT, AND I DO AND I DON’T….. I suppose it’ll become more organic when we devote some time to rehearse between-scenes-transitions, and play with the rhythm of it.  However, from the feedback given from "Outside Eyes” it all nicely comes together.

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