Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weeks 4 & 5

Are we making visual art or choreography - and does that matter and why? And can we cross forms and redefine genres and can we be boldy simple in our approach and refuse the cliches of dance whilst engaging with the cliches of gender... And is the piece a female work and why do we define it as such? And am I the filter or are the performers making most of the choices? And does that matter if it's a collaboration? And how to credit music when everyone is forming it together? And should the sound be rich when the action is sparse? And who makes the choices when the shit hits the fan and there is formal slippage? I think that's me... I think it is me. And I am a woman with a very specific angle on life and the women in the show are different, they have made and are making different choices to mine. And am I represented here anywhere? And what would I do if I were in this work - what would I contribute to this white space of ours? How would I look strong and vulnerable and vocal and silent and simple and complex and ugly and beautiful all at once? Questions, questions....Three weeks to settle on something now... (Charlotte)

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